2012 synchrotron radiation in polymer science



     After the successful conference on Synchrotron Radiation in Polymer Science (SRPS) in Rolduc Abbey (the Netherlands), we are now looking forward to the next meeting in this topical series started in 1995 by H G Zachmann, one of the pioneers of the use of synchrotron radiation techniques in polymer science. Earlier meetings were held in Hamburg (1995), Sheffield (2002), Kyoto (2006), and Rolduc (2009).

    In March of 2012 the Synchrotron Radiation in Polymer Science V conference will be organized in a joint effort by the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The conference will take place in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel  in the heart of beautiful San Francisco. The program will consist of invited and contributed lectures divided in sessions on the use of synchrotron in Ordering Phenomena, Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Energy applications in polymer sciences. Poster contributions and presentations are more than welcome and will be highlighted during the poster sessions. Visits to both SSRL/LCLS as well as to the ALS will be organized.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the vibrant city by the Bay in March 2012.

Meeting Highlights

Invited talks featuring recent science highlights of polymer science research in synchrotrons

Poster session and reception

Student poster competition

Dinner cruise around the SF Bay (additional cost)

Important Deadlines

Early Registration 
February 22st, 2012
Early Registration Fee:
Regular: $275
Students: $125

Abstract Submission:
February 29th, 2012

Student Poster Prize

Registration page:

  International Advisory Committee

  1. H. Ade (N. Carolina St. Univ.)

  2. A. Amassian (KAUST)

  3. W. Bras (ESRF)

  4. P. Dumas (SOLEIL)

  5. T. Ezquerra (CSIC)

  6. S. Foerster (U. of Bayreuth)

  7. H. Goossens(Tech. U. Eindhoven)

  8. B. Hsiao (SUNY at Stony Brook)

  9. D. Ivanov (CNRS)

  10. H. Koerner (UES)

  11. E. Kramer (UCSB)

  12. L. Loo (Princeton Univ.)

  13. M. Ree (Pohang Univ.)

  14. T. Ryan (Univ. of Sheffield)

  15. S. Sakurai (Kyoto Inst. of Tech.)

  16. N. Stribeck (Univ. of Hamburg)

  17. K. Tashiro (Toyota Tech. Institute)

  18. N. Terrill (Diamond Light Source)

  19. T. Xu (UC Berkeley)

  20. H. Westfahl, Jr. (LNLS- Campinas)

  Local Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee Chair(s)

  1. A. Hexemer (ALS)

  2. M. Toney (SLAC)

  1. J. Kono (ALS)

  2. J. Stark (LBNL)

  3. J. Templer (ALS)

  4. S. Alvarez (ALS)

Invited Speakers

Enrique Gomez (Penn State University)    

Chris McNeil (Monash University)

Michael Chabynic (UC Santa Barbara)

Sono Sasaki (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Dario Cavallo (Eidenhoven University of Technology)

Alain Buleon (Nantes)

Benjamin Watts (Paul Scherrer Institute)

Wanli Yang (Advanced Light Source)